In 1970, we laid the groundwork and drew up the blueprints for a truly exceptional Naional Transportation Sevice Provider with the name of Faisal Movers Logistic Cell.  Today, we are one of the largest privately held logistic services Provider in the Country .  Tomorrow and beyond, we will still be innovating ways to be even more reliable, competitive, and responsive to the needs of our customers.

In 2001, The group entered in to the Passenger Transporataion with the name of Faisal Movers Express. Starting with the singe bus, Faisal Movers is having a large fleet of buses whichh is catering the needs of 300, 000 passengers per month nation wide and still expanding its fleet and areas of operation. 
Last but not the least; the group entered in to the real Estate Business by introducing a unique housing project with the name of cantt cottages exactly in the heart of Multan cantt. The Project consists of state of the art of civil Engineering, High quality Construction Material, excellent interior designing from the top noch interior designers of the country and equipped with the basic needs which exceed cusomers expectation at the most affordable Prices.

 As founder and Chairman of the group, I have always believed that “people are the heart of any organization.“  Based on that premise, our mission is to hire and retain top-quality employees, provide them with the finest tools and technologies available, and then challenge them to meet and exceed the highest standards of performance.

This people-oriented philosophy fosters a company-wide pride in our  shared work of being one of the largest and most successful Public Transport,  trucking and full service logistical enterprises nationwide.  It also animates our forward thinking, technology-driven mindset.  Because we have acquired the resources, experience, skills, and initiative necessary to be proactive problem-solvers for our customers, we have transformed our client relationships into true partnerships.

Faisal Movers Urban Transport Service is an other step towards our commitment to providing quality Transporatation services to the Nation in collaboration with the Government of The Punjab. A fleet of 40 Air Conditioned Buses have been inrtoduce intially to serve the people of Multan and to Provide them the quality movement across the city. 
I have no hesitation in praising and applauding the Management, Directors and employess of the group who have put their best of efforts and skills to make the group to be a strong and socially responsible business enterprise. Still I feel that we have to go a long way to accomplish our long term objectives but I have a strong faith in ALLAH, Management and the employees and their skills, that we will be able to achieve our long term objectives as well.